WFNS Spine Committee Recommendations Released       -      WFNS Spine Webinars will start soon


Dear Friends,

After WFNS 2017 meeting in Istanbul, WFNS has decided to proceed with more active committees. We are privileged to share the chairmanship of this prestigious committee.

Spine committee will serve for 2 years with 33 members.

Here we will try to summarize our projections for the next two years:

a)Meetings: We plan to organize four types of meetings: Bi-Annual Spine Symposia will be the main activity of the WFNS Spine Committee. This year it will be held in Surabaya and Bali, Indonesia on 25-28 October, 2018. Surabaya will host a cadaver course, and Bali a symposia.The chairman of the meeting will Dr.Abdul Hafid Bajamal. We will have Cadaver Courses (Karachi Spine in 15-16th December 2017 and Surabaya Meeting) at least once in a year in different countries.

Consensus Symposia on one topic to clear some issues on spinal disorders. The first consensus symposia will be on lumbar spinal stenosis in Milan, Italy, between 9-10 November, 2018. Chairman of the meeting is Dr.Maurizio Fornari. We are also planning to cooperate and contribute to some other spine related meetings such as Global Spine Meeting, in Singapore (2-5 May 2018), CAANS (Continental Association of African Neurosurgical Societies) Meeting, in Abuja, Nigeria (24-27 July 2018), NeuroTrauma 2018 Meeting in Toronto, Canada (11-16 August 2018), Spine Meeting in Nis, Serbia (4-7 October 2018).

b)Guidelines and Consensus: At the end of consensus meetings, we will declere a minimum standart of care on that topic. We also will try to create guidelines on some common spine topics.

c)Newsletter: A newsletter of the spine committee will be delivered by the leadership of Dr. Óscar Luís Alves.

d)Webinars: We plan to organize webinars by the leadership of Dr.João Luiz Pinheiro-Franco. A recent survey has been finished to learn the most wanted topics and trends of the spine surgeons.

We wait for your suggestions and recommendations on any spine related topic. We wish we can achieve our aims to improve our understanding and training for a better spine care.

Co-chairmen of the Spine Committee